Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th of July 2017

Our 4th celebration start on the 3rd.  We arrived home and all boys promptly passed out.  So, scott and I put chairs in our driveway and watched crazy fireworks all around us. We ended up meeting some of our neighbors that night.  It turns out that the woman, who lives across the street and up 4 houses, is the same woman who sold Scott the house on Smoke Rise!  St. Louis is such a small/big place.

On the 4th we did stuff around the house.  We did grill out and counted down until the fireworks started all around us.  We told the boys they could stay up if they behaved.  Although, I doubt they would have slept through it.

We pulled our chairs out and blankets and waited patiently in our front yard.  The boys enjoyed for a while and then it got a little scary.

Bennett outlasted Gabriel outside watching.  Thomas was woken up, but quickly went back to sleep.

It was our first holiday at the new house and after meeting our neighbors and hanging out.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

8 Months

Mr. T turned 8 months on our last day in Chicago.  We drove home from a great visit with our cousins.  Thomas did not do a great job of sleeping in the pack and play while visiting.  I'm going to blame excitement to play with family and teething.   He is still not crawling and still toothless.  I can see the teeth slowly moving under his gums, so they are coming, but slowly.  He does love to scoot around on his belly and can go from belly back to sitting. He has started to give great high fives, waves and clapping.

Thomas is now a very talkative Thomas. He loves to babble to himself or with someone.  Everything goes in his mouth, everything.  He is adjusting your the new house and new space to roll around.  I've said it before, but any day he will be mobile and have a tooth.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Family Zoo Day

I had promised the boys that we could ride the train at the zoo when Daddy joined us.  I finally came through and we had a great morning at the zoo.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Father's Day this year was a big different than in the past.  It was the day before we closed on our old and new house.  We headed to The Muddled Pig for brunch/lunch with Scott's parents.  We hung out there as long as we could enjoying the food and family.

Then we headed home for app and packing.  Our house was a mess by the end of the day and a whole lot of excitement for what was to happen the next day.

Since Scott did not get a proper Father's Day this year, he may be owed an extra special birthaversary gift.  He does deserve a lot since he does everything he can to make us happy, he will come home exhausted from work and still manage to wrestle with the boys, and he The bestest.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Down on the Farm

Happy Birthday Jamieson!  We drove out to the farm to celebrate.  The boys love going to the farm.  We go once a year since Gabriel was 1.  We see goats, sheep, donkey, calves, chicken, and bunnies.  The boys played in a tiny pool most of the day.  Thomas loved being outside and hanging out with other babies.

The boys were big helpers this year.  Each big boy was able to go into the chicken coup and get some very fresh eggs for us.  We took them home and enjoyed them the next day.  The boys learned that you have to say thank you to the ladies for the eggs.

It's a long drive to the farm with kids, but the fun for them is worth it.  Plus, celebrating Jamieson was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moving Day

Our moving day was also our closing day on both houses.  Our day started early with last minute packing.  We headed to our closing at 9am.  On our drive back to Smoke Rise we were in shock that we had sold that house and really bought the new one.  It was very surreal, until we got to the house.

The movers had already loaded up our living room - stuff we had planned to move in cars- and most of the basement was packed up.  So the moving truck was loaded up quicker and missing big things that we didn't want to move ourselves.

I had taken one carload and the boys over to the new house to find out that the power was out.  Of course we had a cleaning crew working and doing what they couldn't without power.  After finding out we needed a new power company, contacting them and finally getting it turned on, we were back in business.

Scott ended up renting a U-Haul truck and he and I loaded our entire garage filled with boxes and garage stuff in an hour and 15 minutes. We are awesome at working together.  It amazed us both how in sync we were during the whole moving process.

We finally got settled at the new house, unloaded all trucks and had bedrooms mostly set up for sleeping.  It was a very crazy day and night, trying to get the boys to sleep.  We were alol very excited for our new adventure.

Monday, June 19, 2017

We bought a house

We have been needing a larger house for some time.  We even attempted to sell our house a couple years ago with no success.  In April 2 houses on our street sold incredibly fast.  We started to interview agents.  We found a fixer upper near Gabriel's school and inquired about it.  It was under contract already, but that helped us find our awesome agent, Sarah.

She helped us get our house ready and marketed correctly.  Needless to say, it was under contract in a day.  Now we needed to find our new house in a week!  At this time houses are selling for above list price, before going "live" and very little inventory in St. Louis County.  After looking at a couple, we realized we needed do commit to crossing the dreaded bridge to find what we want in our range that is move in ready.

Crossing the bridge opened up a whole new world to us.  Houses were bigger, there were more to look at and most importantly, move in ready.  We spent a Wednesday looking with Sarah and found "the one."  We put an offer in after viewing and waited on pins and needles till 9pm to find out if they accepted our offer.

So, as much as we really didn't want to come over here, we did.  We got a deal on our house.  The inspections showed no real issues.  All boys will have their own rooms!  We still have a lot of painting to do, but there is space, and even more space when we finish the basement.

Overall, we could not be happier with our choice and even the boys love their new house.