Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

It's a new year, so many new possibilities ahead.  We spent New Years Eve at home this year.  With temperatures close to zero or below I did not want to even think of trying to go anywhere.  We stayed home with the boys and made a wonderful steak dinner.

With the boys fighting colds and lack of sleep from being way off their normal schedule, it was early to bed.  We did get in roaring game of CandyLand.  Bennett won the game and then off to bed.  Gabriel followed soon after.  Scott and I managed to stay up a little later finishing a new show.

There was no doubt when it was midnight.  The whole house was woken up by fireworks.  It seemed that everywhere around us has neighborhood firework shows, even when it's -3 outside!  This went on for awhile.  Bennett was waking up every couple hours screaming, for no reason, maybe night terrors.  Thomas decided that he was wide awake and coughing from 12:30-2am.  He ended up crying himself to sleep because he and I were too tired to sit up.

It was a long night of not celebrating, but on with the new year!  We celebrated New Years Day by staying in our pajamas all day long (Thomas and me only), sitting by a fire and watching college football.  Can it get any better?  Oh, Thomas took a 4 hour nap too!

Happy New Year from the Allenzotti Crew!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Here are a few more pictures from December.
 Decorating our Christmas tree
 Taking a break to drink coffee

 Thomas approved
 Really warm December

 Here is the rock that Bennett stuck up his nose.  I tried tweezers to get it out, it didn't work.  I had to hold one nostril closed and blow into his mouth.  Took 4 hard blows to get it out.  The rock is bigger than his nose...
 Chelsea, all day, every day.  Zio Andrew is super proud.
 Pizza and movie night
 Hot cocoa in Santa mugs

 Trip out to Lone Elk Park  - bison hanging out
 Nana's nursing school graduation - #nurseallender

 Pump it Up birthday party

 The boys loved Becca...maybe we get a dog soon???


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas 2017

Our Christmas started on Christmas Eve with Scott reading the boys "The Night Before Christmas." They were so into it.  All day long Gabriel kept saying, "I can't believe Santa comes tonight" and "I'm going to hear Santa's sleigh and wake Bennett so we can see him."  It was pretty cute.

After the story and the boys were sent to bed, it was time to get to work assembling the goodies.  I'm not sure why Scott and I wait until the night before to do all wrapping and assembling, but it only took an hour this year (record time).

We made the boys stay upstairs when they woke up.  I did not want them rushing down and opening everything.  And since Thomas woke up at 5:15 and the big boys at 5:30, it was a little easier to contain them.

Bennett checking out Santa's empty plate
Gabriel loved his scooter
Blurry, but G loved his Chelsea backpack from Santa Andrew
Thomas is testing out his new ride

Bennett got lots of animals this year

Big game of solitaire with Papa John
Talking polar bears with B

New snuggly blankets from Nana
Thomas is hoping for a better year for the Huskers
We had a great Christmas with family and friends and even an 18 hour long fire in the fireplace.  Oh and lets not forget, the white Christmas!

And that's a wrap on Christmas 2017.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Snow Day

It actually snowed before Christmas!  We rarely have a White Christmas, but wow did we luck out in our first Christmas in our new house.  I have to say, our house looks awesome with the snow out front.  

The boys loved playing in the snow as well.  We built a snowman, rather small, but snowman none the less.  We made snow angels and had snowball fights.  It was a fun 45 minutes of playing.  

Probably Becca's first real snow