Monday, October 16, 2017

Ode to dads

Dad’s get a bad reputation as being the carefree, sometime clueless parent.  They are the ones you wrestle with, let you eat ice cream for dinner and allow you to stay up way past bedtime.  At least that is how Hollywood tends to portray them.  They are never looked at to be able to hold their own with their own children.

Last week I had to head down to Texas suddenly, Scott took a week off work to hang with the boys to keep routines going.  I’m going to have to toot his horn because he was super Dad. He planned meals and stuck to them. He did major home improvement projects, painting a room and removing cabinets and hanging shelving.  He took the boys places, besides school.  He did all of that plus, got Thomas to eat more foods, start taking bottles, and the biggest of all, sleeping through the night.

I came home after a stressful week to a house that was clean, organized, full of groceries, and improved.  What more could a mom want?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

11 Months of Mr. T

it has almost been a year.  So much has happened in this last year and I could not be happier that Thomas has been a part of our family.

Thomas is so close to walking these days.  It’s hard to slow him down.  He loves to watch his brothers, they are a good source of entertainment for him.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Bates impromtu visit

The Bates came down last weekend and the boys could not have been happier to see their cousins.  They got some quality time and showed the Bates some of our favorite places.

On Friday, Nana and Grandpa Rob came over to make cookies and have pizza and movie night.  

On Saturday it was off to the zoo to explore.  They even had their first cousin sleep over.

On Sunday it was brunch at Aunt Michelle's restaurant and then some good byes.  The boys had a great weekend and are slowly catching up on sleep.  

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Billy Joel

What an amazing concert!  Scott and I had bought tickets to see Billy Joel wayyy back in February.  I'm so happy we did and the concert was great!  We had nose bleed seats and that was fine (until the end when they were rocking).

We got downtown a little early.  The wonderful protesters seemed to let up a bit so we could enjoy the concert with issue.  We arrived at Paddy O's and met up with Zipf and Shane for a drink.  I even ran into an old co-worker from MAC.  After a quick drink were off to the top of Busch Stadium to grab dinner and our seats.

Billy, because we are on a first name basis, is a great preformer.  He gave the audience choices of 2 songs for him to play.  He commented on past preformances in STL and even the heat and crazy amounts of bugs all around.

He had the entire stadium rocking.  He ended with "Piano Man" before his 4 song encore.  The entire stadium was on their feet dancing for the last 30 minutes of the show.  Scott and I had a great night out.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Making the new house ours

Step 1 in doing so, paint!  We have been talking about painting our family room and kitchen since we moved it.  We have chocolate brown couch, with brown rug and brown chair.  And the room was painted chcoclate brown.  It needed to be lightened up, big time.  We narrowed down our paint choices to 3, Mega Greige, Anew Gray and Agreeable Gray, all Sherwin Williams.  The middle of the road Anew Gray won!

We spent the week before paint day tapping and getting supplies.  I found a little handy square brush that took the stress out of the cutting.  Scott was able to paint all trim areas super fast and not get it on the ceiling or door frames.  

One long 12 hours on a Saturday and we have a brand new kitchen and family room.  Of course now, the playroom, painted an amazing peach color, is driving me's moved up the honey do list rather fast.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Apple Picking 2017

We picked the best day for apple picking.  The weather looked like it was about to rain (and it did while we were loading the car) and that kept people away.  The boys loved the tractor ride to and from the orchards.  They were so into picking as much as they could and keeping their own bags.  

Bennett would find an apple, pick it, take a bite and then put it in his bag.  Scott spent some time sorting out the quality control apples.  Gabriel was great at picking the perfect apple.  He had to have his own bag and made this year.  He picked a ton of apples, but didn't taste as many.  This was Thomas' first year apple picking.  He did great just hanging out and sucking on any apple we gave him.  Towards the end it was hard for me to get an apple away from him.

This annual tradition is truly one of my favorites from my childhood and I love that Scott and I continue it with the boys.